Getting leads

Content is king: spread your knowledge, drive traffic

When we started in this business in 2005, getting Internet leads was much easier by comparison because there just wasn’t as much competition out there. But now, virtually every real estate agent on planet Earth has at least 1 website, and are vying for the same buyers you are. Here are some tips to stay ahead of the crowd!

1) Create searches and post them!

Got a few minutes of down time? Go to your IDX, do a search, and copy & paste the URL into Facebook/Twitter/your blog, etc.

Example: Did you know there are over 100 3BR/2BA houses under $250k that are within 3 miles of uptown?

Be creative!

Here are some options for homes under $200k that are in the sought-after Myers Park school district!

Get inside the mind of your potential buyers and post the searches you think might interest them.

2) Give the people what they want : stats!

Our IDX is loaded with great data. Let’s say you have a listing and you want to show that it’s a great deal. Post the “Market Check” page with all the nearby solds.

Example: Check this out! In the past 6 months, the average house within a mile of my listing has sold for $50k more than this home is listed for!

Or, if you’ve got our “Neighborhood Analyzer,” you can give great information about a neighborhood :

In Providence Plantation, sellers have taken about 3.5% less than list price in the past 3 months.

Or post a graph to *show* them:
Providence Plantation

Take advantage of the data! This is good stuff that buyers and sellers really want to know. Think of unique ways to present it and post it to your various sources : Twitter, Facebook, etc.

3) More is better

Our clients often ask us : how often should I blog, or tweet, or update Facebook? The answer : more is better. If you sell Lake Wylie, for example, the more good stuff you post about it, the more likely it is to be found. Buyers do a lot of searching online before they choose a Realtor, and if you’re the one posting the good stats and providing the best information, you have a better shot at getting that lead.