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IDX WordPress plugin now available : instant SEO!

WordPress is one of the most popular publishing platforms on the Internet, and now our IDX clients can incorporate neighborhood listings into any WordPress site via our new WordPress plugin.

With this plugin, you can now create a neighborhood page, insert 1 line of special code, and voila… all listings from that neighborhood will appear. And better yet, they are clickable, so a home buyer can view more details on the property, and contact you if they are interested. We also provided links from each property to our most popular features : DealSniffer, Go Green, and Market Check — that way, a buyer can get all the “good stuff” in one place, and you are the expert who provides it!

This plugin also allows you to install a “widget” that displays 5 of your featured listings, which means even more exposure for your sellers.

The best benefit of all of this?… you guessed it : search engine optimization (SEO). Google will “see” all of this great text (street names, neighborhood names, school districts, property remarks, etc.), and your site relevance will improve!

We are providing this as a free goodie for the “office” version of our IDX. Those with the “agent” version can add it for only $5/month.