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What buyers want : DEALS!

You are a real estate professional, and you probably know where the deals are.  But the question is … do your potential clients know that you know where the deals are?

Let’s say there’s a buyer out there looking for the best deal in a certain part of town.  You could probably point this buyer to several houses, but this is your typical 21st century buyer, and he/she is looking online.  If you’re lucky enough to be one of the sites the buyer finds, do you have adequate resources to allow him/her to find foreclosures, short sales, etc.?

Davis Farrell's "Deal Sniffer"

Foreclosures are a hot news topic, and will continue to be for at least a couple more years.  Even conventional, owner-occupant buyers want to shop for them these days.  So if you have no way for buyers to find deals on your website, you could be losing business.

Since 2007, Davis Farrell has offered a feature called “Deal Sniffer” in our IDX (click here for a screenshot).  Deal Sniffer allows a buyer to compare any house to the other houses listed within a radius (between 1/4 mile and 2 miles).  If a house is listed significantly lower per square foot than the average listing within the given area, that house might be a deal!

Buyers take notice of features like this, and they would be more likely to work with someone who provides good tools than someone who doesn’t.  Competition is stiff these days and the more information you can provide to potential clients, the better.